The Club has following categories of membership:

  • Single adult membership

  • Family membership

  • Junior membership - (under 18 years of age)

  • Out of port membership - (normally resident outside of Cornwall)

Anyone wishing to join the Club should apply by approaching the Hon Membership Secretary at or by using the online system by clicking here. When the Webcollect page opens you apply to join Mount’s Bay Sailing Club by signing up for a Webcollect account, then signing in, browsing through and selecting the appropriate membership, dinghy pen options. Add your selection to 'your basket', and then check out. The membership secretary should be informed of your application by Webcollect but to be certain it is a good idea to send the Hon Membership Secretary an email about your application at No money will be taken until your membership application is approved. 

Your application will be considered at the next monthly GPC (management committee) when your application will be assessed. You will then be informed of your club status.

Membership Notes- click here

Current (2019) annual subscription rates are as follows:

  • Single person membership - £65

  • Family membership - £85

  • Junior membership - £27

  • Out of port membership - £32

There is a £20 joining fee.

Additional fees are payable for the use of the dinghy pen and the car park alongside the dinghy pen. Dinghy pen fees are £30 per season for monohulls and £60 per season for catamarans.

For information about temporary membership please refer to our visitors page. 

What Happens If You Want To Start Sailing At MBSC

Experienced Sailor

·         Contact the Hon Membership Secretary and you will be taken through the joining process

·         Add your boat to the pen and join in the fun!

‘Rusty Sailor’ (you know how to sail but you haven’t sailed for years)

·         Contact the Hon Membership Secretary before you join the club and s/he will arrange for you to crew on a member’s boat until you feel confident

·         If you wish to continue with sailing, contact the Hon Membership Secretary and you will be taken through the joining process

·         When we think that you are ready, you may hire a club boat, for a nominal fee, and participate in club racing until you can acquire your own boat

·         If you prefer to remain crewing, then we will help you to buddy up with a helm in need of a crew

Non Sailor  

·         Contact the Hon Membership Secretary and you will be taken through the joining process

·         We recommend that you attend a sailing school e.g. or go on an activity holiday where you are taught to sail in warm climate conditions.  Or why not try an activity holiday such as Neilson or Mark Warner where you learn the basics with qualified instructors in warmer water.

·         When you have successfully completed your course, the Hon Membership Secretary will buddy you up with a club member/s who will take you out as a crew member.  With the help of YouTube study and on the water instruction, you should soon make good progress.

·         When you are ready to acquire a boat of your own, club members will be glad to advise you and sometimes put you in contact with second hand boats for sale