Club sailing takes place in four classes/fleets:

  • Handicap - The handicap fleet caters for monohull dinghies other than those for which there is a specific class.

  • Laser - The International Laser is a 4.23 metre single handed high performance racing dinghy. Club members sail both the Standard and Radial rigs.

  • Mirror - The International Mirror is a 3.3 metre racing and all purpose dinghy ideal for the younger generation and beginners (but also suited to the older generation).

  • Osprey - The Osprey is a 5.35 metre 2 or 3 person high performance racing dinghy with a single trapeze and symmetric spinnaker.

Each class/fleet has its own captain (see officers for names) who handle all matters relating to their individual fleets. New members are advised to contact the appropriate class/fleet captain.

For more information about the individual classes/fleets see the appropriate class/fleet page.